27 & 28 Juin 2018

Parc Chanot - Marseille

13 & 14 Février 2019

Centre de Congrès Paris Saclay (Massy)


17.30 - 18.30

Among the companies presenting a pitch in 2019 : 

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Positioning itself on the Big Data market as a data developer, SoyHuCe has designed OctoData. Based on the most innovative technologies, OctoData is a platform that brings together on the same infrastructure, the orchestration of Big Data tasks and micro services, allowing an agile development of applications. With OctoData, it is possible to cover as many use cases as possible, to store a growing quantity and variety of data, to capture information flows and to use them quickly to obtain the desired information at the right time.



Quantum RX is a French company, specialized in the sale and service of analytical and detection equipment, portable and laboratory equipment. Quantum-RX’s mission is to evolve the usual analytical techniques by proposing innovative solutions that allow our customers to be more efficient, or even to answer the needs of control and analysis that did not exist until now. We offer a full range of XRF and LIBS portable analytical techniques for aerospace alloy analysis.



The EXPERT TELEPORTATION solution makes it possible to instantaneously connect with the right specialist and quickly make the correct diagnosis. In this way problems can be resolved using the right tools! To put it simply, it’s like having your entire technical team available around the clock. The engineer puts on the glasses and continues to work hands free, while the specialist remotely guides the engineer in real-time via an audio/video link. This lets the specialist see the situation as if they were actually present on-site.



Missing link between technologies and users, Human Design Group (formerly Bertin Ergonomics), with over 100 consultants, is the leader in ergonomics, user experience and human factors consulting and services, for the systems digital transformation. HDG brings innovative user-centric processes to increase the user value and user experience of tomorrow’s products and services for its customers.



3D printing is disrupting the industrial world. Using one process, piece of aircraft, spaceship or a car can be materialized in only few hours. By adding metal layer by layer a complex structure can be produced from a 3D files optimized with numerical tools. This is what TEMISTH is doing for thermal systems. Concretly, TEMISTh is supporting industrial companies in their novel product development using additive manufacturing. With customer, we imagine a new concept of heat exchanger using all the potential of 3D printing in order to obtain a better integration, a weigthless part with enhanced performances. From this concept we perform a feasibility study. If it is OK, we ensure the modelization, the conception, the choice of the manufacturing process and its parametrization, the prototyping and finally the proof of concept on a test loop.



Ezako is a company composed of experts in Big Data and Machine Learning. The company was created to address business data processing issues. Its activity is divided into two parts: software edition for Real Time Analytics and (Big Data) & Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions (prediction of anomalies, predictive maintenance, ...).



By proposing a global and individual approach, Mesotic provides innovating solutions adapted to every client: services (design, audit and consultancy) and ‘product’ manufacture (design, prototyping, industrialisation and production). Mesotic design and realize glasses dedicated for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality applications and specificated cards for computer vision applications. We have designed passive rangefinders, embedded data loggers, remote viewfinders,forgotten sensors and several products like GAFAS, URAS and Top-Owl Simulator.

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Aero'Nov Connection est le rendez-vous incontournable de l'aéronautique et du spatial. Organisé en alternance à Paris et à Marseille, l'événement s'entoure des acteurs régionaux les plus pertinents pour offrir un événement complet à un public professionnel extrêmement ciblé.  L'édition 2019 est l'occasion d'accueillir un panel de PME, start up et grands groupes  nationaux et internationaux dans un cadre propice aux échanges. 

Aero'Nov Connection is a major event for aerospace industry. Organized one year in Paris region and the other year in the South of France, the event highly specialized and welcome a very targeted professional audience. The 2019 edition is the opportunity to host a panel of SMEs, start-ups and major national and international groups. 

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