List of exhibitors in 2019




Design, research and development, manufacturing and aftersales of composites/metal hybrid functions. Key accounts support on co-design and collaborative R&D development projects, for lightering projects on composites material structures or function integration. 2CA is part of the REXIAA group, has more than 100 employees and 12000m² of workshop and is certified EN9100. 2CA has been supporting prestigious clients such as AIRBUS for more than 20 years.

 >   Innovation :   OPERASOL© is an innovative, patented solution developped on a partnership with CEA Liten. For new civilian or military applications, OPERASOL© photovoltaic low weight modules are designed to be shapable or foldable high optical and mecanical increased performance system.  Their lightness and free shaping capability constitute a strong innovation potential, demonstrating the composites materials technology potential.




Consulting, integration, training and maintenance of professional and industrial 3D printers. 3D New Print produces technical parts by 3D printing. We support you in your project and put our expertise at your sevice to anwser your needs : technology, prototyping, 3D printers, materials, consulting in additive manufacturing

 >   Innovation :   Distribution of COMPOSITES & METALS MARKFORGE - Distribution of ENVIONTEC printers.




Advice & CAD development and optimization of production tools and equipment. 3dPCI offers additive manufacturing services with 5 complementary and professional technologies. The company offers its expertise in the management and support of your technical and commercial projects. 3dPCI additive manufacturing service offers you the different technologies needed to satisfy all professional and industrial projects with a great reactivity. Our technical materials meet the highest demands in terms of precision, mechanical and chemical resistance, biocompatibility and aesthetics. Dracogroup companies guarantee your projects from A to Z - laser, machining, injection, ...

 >   Innovation :   Production solutions, manufacturing equipment and assembly lines, soft development and interface in the micro-technical and mechatronics sector. R&D laser application, machining, additive manufacturing.

AirCar, filière aéronautique Carnot     



Funded by ANR, AirCar is a consortium of 9 major players who supports the aeronautical industrial sector: ONERA and the Carnot Institutes CETIM, I@L, IFPEN TE, ESP, CEA LETI, ARTS, MINES, MICA. AirCar is a unique point of contact to access to the excellence of French research: the skills and means of 9000 researchers at the service of innovation. Our main themes: Materials (metal and composite), high-performance processes and assemblies Systems and components for the more electric or even all electric aircraft • Innovations in specific subsystems and components (connected aircraft, avionics, sensors) • New applications and new uses: drones, dirigibles.


AVNIR Engineering        



AVNIR Engineering offers guidance and support on customer's site in mechanical engineering for the aerospace and energy industries. The company offers a high level of expertise and technical demand and makes it available for its customers to perform the following services : Technical Assistance, Supply of expert staff Project Management , Test Organisation and management.



CLIMATS has been a specialist in environmental tests over 45 years. Climats designs and manufactures chambers than can simulate extreme and reproductible environments such as hot-cold-humidity chambers, fast temperature variation, vribration chambers, benchtop, thermal shock, salt spray, walk-in and customised products.Range of products for aerospace : EXCAL range, fast range environmental test chamber, space simluator, secure chamber for oils and hydrocarbons and other customized environmental chamber. 



European specialist and leader in parylene coating. Parylene is a highly technical coating that is ultra-thin and transparent, physically and chemically neutral, inert, biocompatible, insulating and protective, of a thickness that can be sized both easily and precisely (from 50 nm to 100 microns). It is totally uniform, pinhole-free and can be applied to small technical components. One of its most remarkable advantages is its form-fitting and penetrating nature. Parylene characteristics are interesting for aerospace industry : Ultrathin film that generates a slight overload - Encapsulation and environmental protection - Excellent dielectric properties - Thermochemical behaviour - Insignificant degassing / outgassing ( NASA and ESA-approved ) - Reliable, configurable deposition process - Vibration resistant.

CTL (Chaudronnerie Tôlerie de Longjumeau) 


CTL is a Boilermaking / Sheet metal precision installed in Paris region (near Orly airport and the TGV station of Massy). We meet the needs of prototype parts and small / medium series for demanding customers in aeronautics (parts in stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, light alloy, etc ... with or without treatment). We realize a great diversity of parts, subjected to strong constraints. We are also qualified ISO 9001-2015, a standard that has been recognized by our aeronautical customers during their audits.



Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group world class innovative technological partner combining Conception & Manufacturing of parts & sub-assemblies using high performance Plastics & Composites for metal replacement. Unique MULTIPLASTURGY® offer combining expertise & technologies in project management, Machining, TP&TS Injection, Micro precision injection molding, 3D injection, Thermoforming, TP composites, RTM, Plastronic, Painting, Metallisation and Assembly. Plastic expert in EMC & Plastronic across 3 technologies: Injection, Metallisation, Absorbers.

 >   Innovation The only French plastic expert in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) & Plastronic, across 3 technologies: injection of conductive polymers, metallisation and production of hyper frequency absorbers. The first French licensee with RocTool for their inductive heat & cool technologies Cage System® & 3ITECH® applicable for plastics injection and composites forming.



Delta 3D Print is one of the leaders in Additive Manufacturing in France and Europe. Today a key player in FFF / FDM printing solutions, Delta 3D Print supports you in the realization of all your additive manufacturing projects: from conception to realization, by proposing: rental and acquisition of 3D machines, training, a full range of PLA filaments to the more complex materials such as the ultimate or the PEEK. We are driven by the desire to share our knowledge with our customers but also to train and motivate young people to join us to progress on all innovative technology projects that we are dealing with French manufacturers.



Dewetron develops, manufactures and distributes test and measurement solutions and analog and digital data acquisition systems. Our systems offering vibration, structure, electrical and chain-system measurements, they enable thus deported measures. Intuitive operating software allows an easy set-up for complex or uncomplicated measurements, thus reducing the time for user training and management of systems. Our products are easily integrated into your existing systems and test benches through standard protocols or drivers. In addition, Dewetron develops conditioners of high-precision signals for the measurement of current, voltage, bridge and of stress, force, pressure, acceleration gauges, ...

 >   Innovation  Our modular, multichannel and flexible data acquisition systems and solutions perform measurements for physical inputs on the same platform, thereby reducing investment by centralising all your needs in one sole system configurable according to your plans.



Engineering and consulting company in advanced technology. Expertise field : metallic and composite structures - mechanical air systems (air, water, hydraulic, fuel, oxygen) or electric - motor elements, nacelle and thrust reverser - cabin layout, interior equipment (seats, galleys ...) - Modification of aircraft structure.  Scope of intervention: Transfers of technology - R&T, exploratory phase design - Development (studies and calculations, work packages, calculate vibration, increased lifespan, criticality - Project management consultancy and quality management) - Design and construction of industrialization and testing means - Design and manufacturing of aircraft interior equipment (partitions, stowages, galleys ...). 



Eolane, a French company with 3,000 employees, makes a significant contribution in aeronautical sector.Eolane supports its clients, both in research and development (hard & soft), manufactures cards, cables,integration of complete equipments within our production units in France and abroad. We also offer services (Mco-IoT ...) and specialized solutions adapted to the needs of this market.

 >   Innovation  Rapid prototype - POC cell - data multiplexing - sensors with artificial intelligence - passive environmental display - microelectronics (COB) - power electronics (GAN techno).



ESI Group is a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services. Specialist in material physics, ESI has developed a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtual prototypes, allowing them to virtually manufacture, assemble, test and pre-certify their future products. Coupled with the latest technologies, Virtual Prototyping is now anchored in the wider concept of the Product Performance Lifecycle™, which addresses the operational performance of a product during its entire lifecycle, from launch to disposal. The creation of a Hybrid Twin™, leveraging simulation, physics and data analytics, enables manufacturers to deliver smarter and connected products, to predict product performance and to anticipate maintenance needs.

 >   Innovation  Smart Virtual Prototyping.



EUCLIDE Industrie supports major industrial actors in design and manufacture of parts or mechanical assemblies, prototypes, small series, equipments. We manufacture parts or complete equipments of aircraft or production tools. The Euclide Industrie Group has 26 horizontal and vertical CN lathe, with diameter of 10 to 2800 mm, 35 milling centers from 400*400mm to 8500*4000 mm (5 axis), electroerosion machines and a welding shop (20T capacity).



Ezako is a company composed of experts in Big Data and Machine Learning. The company was created to address business data processing issues. Its activity is divided into two parts: software edition  for Real Time  Analytics and (Big Data) & Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions (prediction of anomalies, predictive maintenance, ...).



Hamamatsu Photonics, world leader in optoelectronics, develops, produces and sells a wide range of high-tech components and equipment for industry and research centres. With more than 60 years of experience in optics & photonics, Hamamatsu Photonics products are dedicated to Aeronautics, Space & Defense markets with solutions ranging from in-flight datacom (LiFI,...), LiDAR, satellite monitoring by infrared detection, to quality control (X-NDT), and final assembly (UV-LED curing or NIR-Laser).



Missing link between technologies and users, Human Design Group (formerly Bertin Ergonomics), with over 100 consultants, is the leader in ergonomics, user experience and human factors consulting and services, for the systems digital transformation. HDG brings innovative user-centric processes to increase the user value and user experience of tomorrow's products and services for its customers. 

imc J+R    



Productive measurement and solutions for embedded application, test benches and R&D. From the sensor to the report data, we offer a complete solution for the analysis of any sub-assembly, mechanical piece, engine, electronic/electrical architecture, ... Our solutions are innovative (measurement by optical fiber for strain gauge, temperature, pressure...) synchronous (PTPV2) and without computer (data-logger) and remote (4g, wifi, radio, PCM, inductive telemetry).

 >   Innovation :   Optical fiber measuring system up to 50kHz / channel for measuring deformation, pressure, temperature, compact with recording without computer, real time calculation, trigger, ... - Miniature telemetry for IEPE measurement, gauge, voltage, temperature for missile support, test bench, rotor... optical fiber or inductive transmission





Renowned organization for research in the chemical sciences and engineering, our institute develops innovative solutions to your needs in five strategic fields (mobility and transport, health and cosmetics, environment, energy) and contributes to your competitiveness, whether you are a small, medium or large company. The research carried out at the CBC Carnot Institute in the area of materials for transport opens new perspectives for this sector’s industries. The results contribute to gains in energy efficiency through the development of new materials and innovative fabrication processes, which reduce the weight, volume and complexity of terrestrial vehicles and aircraft. Studies of the durability of these materials under real operating conditions is another competence of the institute’s groups. Power electronics, a key technology for transportation systems, is another focus of our research teams; by developing materials resistant to high temperatures loses are reduced.

 >   Innovation :   A solder paste with a high thermal conductivity for the aeronautics and space industries marketed by Inventec under the name Ecorel TM Oxal AG





Specialist in functional materials, surfaces and interfaces, the Carnot MICA Institute supports companies in the design and development of their products and services. With his 16 laboratories and technical centers, all experts in materials and innovative solutions, the Carnot MICA Institute offers companies a comprehensive offering, ranging from basic research to industrial applications. The Carnot MICA Institut develops specific solutions for the aeronautics and space sectors, in the fields of additive manufacturing, surface functionalisation, composite and metrology. Boost your R&D with the Carnot MICA Institute !




Company specialized in the production of micromechanical parts of high precision by machining. We produce components for on-board hydraulic systems (servo-valves, solenoid valves ...), electrical systems, gyroscopic systems and guiding by turning, CNC turning and high speed milling. Diameter dimension: 1mm to 52mm. Accuracy: +/- 5 µm. Quantities: 1 000 to 100 000. We integrated most of the finishing methods used to make parts: grinding, electrochemistry, electro-deburring, tribofinishing, electroerosion, laser marking and specific packaging and we provide compliance certificates, SPC statements and all quality documentation from the supply chain.




Specialist in the transformation of composite and plastic materials. Thanks to the its combined skills on its various specialized sites, MECELEC COMPOSITES is a real partner for projects developments and manufactures parts, from very small series (unit) to very large series, with the adapted technology. The group is now present in the Aeronautics industry, in various fields such as interiors, steering parts or finishing parts. The technologies available at MECELEC : Injection (Thermoplastics) - Contact molding (Thermosetting) - Infusion and TRI (Thermosetting resin injection) - SMC molding (Thermosetting compression) - Finishing (machining, gluing, intert, US welding, assembly, ...) - Means of design and control -  3D means.





By proposing a global and individual approach, Mesotic provides innovating solutions adapted to every client: services (design, audit and consultancy) and ‘product’ manufacture (design, prototyping, industrialisation and production). We have a highly qualified team to meet the increasing demand on the embedded electronics market in the vision and image processing sectors including augmented reality, virtual reality, terminal graphics, connected objects, etc. For each project we are involved in, we take charge of subcontracting, manufacture, test or qualification aspects. Our business model is based on two themes: the provision of services by our advanced design office, and ‘product’ collaboration (we design and manufacture innovating products). Mesotic can work on various ‘business’ applications: aviation and space, defence and security, medical and science, networks and telecommunications, and all sectors of industry.

 >   Innovation :   Mesotic design and realize glasses dedicated for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality applications and specificated cards for computer vision applications. We have designed passive rangefinders, embedded data loggers, remote viewfinders,forgotten sensors and several products like GAFAS, URAS and Top-Owl Simulator. MESOTIC provide a highly qualified team to support the growing demand of the embedded electronics market in the main areas of connected objects. MESOTIC has developed various products for Health activity as PATCHBIOS sensor, a research project on a smart sensor "Bio sensor".




NICOMATIC is an international, family-owned, forward-thinking group based in Bons-en-Chablais, in Haute-Savoie, that has been developing and manufacturing innovative harsh-environment interconnect solutions for more than 40 years. With 350 people on staff, the company offers to its clients its experience and expertise in the connector industry by way of 11 offices located throughout the world.

 >   Innovation :   Custom interconnection solutions.




Normandy AeroEspace (NAE) is the Norman network of players in the aeronautics, space, defense and security sectors, participating in the major projects of tomorrow. It is composed of large industrial groups, airports and military base, SMEs / SMIs, research laboratories and educational institutions.




Novitom is a pioneering service provider, specialized in 3D material characterization and advanced NDT powered by synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography. In order to meet its customers’ needs for control of materials, products and processes, Novitom exploits cutting-edge non-destructive tools and develops dedicated testing and 3D analysis protocols. Reactive and dynamic, Novitom is involved in various business sectors and its customers include big names of the industry and research institutes.



Obsam offers an obsolescence monitoring, namely preventive, proactive and predictive for any aeronautical product family and space. Obsam transmits for each item obsolescence status, or LBO, alternates, sustainability on supply, Reach status and ROHS and other required criteria. This information is transmitted with certificates from the original manufacturers. An alert in case of obsolescence is sent within 48 hours. Obsam ensures the serenity of the programs from the R&D to the MCO.

 >   Innovation :   Creation of the business of obsolescence management and the conceptualization of processes related to the  of monitoring obsolescence. Achievement of an innovation oscars in April 2017 because the company is unique in the world because dedicated to the obsolescence monitoring with innovative processes. 1 billion references actually and more than 20,000 manufacturers followed



OROS designs and manufactures noise and vibration testing systems (instruments, software, services). The OROS systems answer the demanding world of aerospace industries (manufacturers, suppliers and test centers) in term of reliability and safety. OROS is a dynamic experienced French B2B company, with a worldwide scope (80% of turnover abroad). Innovation is in the heart of its strategy, enabling to propose a wide range of performing products with renowned metrology. OROS instruments are renowned as being powerful enough for test centers, laboratories or in-flight. From 2 to 32 channels, they are cascadable enabling flexible configurations (large channel count systems or distributed).OROS covers in-flight tests, structural tests, noise measurements (cabin noise, sound power, …) engines and sub-systems. OROS also proposes a range of associated services in noise and vibration measurements:  our experts come on-site for applied trainings and provide assistance in your measurements.

 >   Innovation :   OROS offers a range of services and unique measurement solutions dedicated to Transfer Path Analysis and to the process of determining the inputs to passengers’ ears: the TPA (Transfer Path Analysis) method. The solution proposed is particularly innovative and powerful in several ways. Firstly, it allows evaluation of panel noise contributions even if the panels are coupled, without disassembly. In addition, the method makes it possible to determine the transfer path at several subsystem levels (structure, panel, target). Secondly, the techniques used make it possible to separate and evaluate the airborne and structure-borne contributions. Finally, analysis can be carried out over a large frequency range, whereas conventional methods focus on low frequencies.



As one of InnovMetric Software Inc.’s subsidiaries, PolyWorks Europa promotes the PolyWorks® Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform in the industrial manufacturing industry in France, Italy, and Spain. It also supplies high-end services to PolyWorks customers, including technical support, training, metrology process consulting, and software customization. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Quebec, QC, Canada, with subsidiaries worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. is the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions. The world’s largest industrial manufacturing organizations (Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Apple, and many more) trust InnovMetric’s PolyWorks® software solutions and associated technical services to maximize the benefits of 3D measurement technologies for their engineering and manufacturing applications.



Quantum RX is a French company, specialized in the sale and service of analytical and detection equipment, portable and laboratory equipment. Quantum-RX's mission is to evolve the usual analytical techniques by proposing innovative solutions that allow our customers to be more efficient, or even to answer the needs of control and analysis that did not exist until now. We offer a full range of XRF and LIBS portable analytical techniques for aerospace alloy analysis.

 >   Innovation :   Quantum RX proposes an innovative technology of analysis of alloy completely portable (2 Kg), the LIBS, which makes it possible to analyze in more of all the classic elements of an alloy Carbon, Beryllium, Lithium, Boron. Current techniques use transportable devices over 25Kg installed on trolleys.

S2P - Smart Plastic Products     


S2P miniaturizes smart systems by integrating electronics functions directly on 3D complex plastic or composite parts. From requirements to production, S2P covers the full value chain to manufacture 3D antennas, in situ sensors, integrated wires, anti-intrusion 3D surfaces, LED 3D lighting, etc.




The first entity of Savoy International group had initial activity for the plastics industry. The group aims to diversify the activities to meet the demand of its customers by providing a competitive advantage and product solutions/innovative process in a competitive sector. Today, the group has an expertise in 3 fields:  plastics with recognized expertise in the design and manufacturing of connectors,  mechanics/micromechanics (cutting and screw-cutting),  mechatronics with a great expertise in the design and the manufacturing of measurement systems and energy administration.

 >   Parc Machine Innovant :   Machine LUMEX AVANCE-25 (256*256*300mm) -- Machine LUMEX AVANCE-60 (600*600*500mm) - Metal Hybrid 3D printer Machine coupled with a Milling system for printing parts and complex mechanical elements with a high surface finition by combination of sintering and machining.  That allow us to optimize and reduce the standard production steps. - Printer 3D HP Fusion 4210 to manufacture in plastic raw material PA12 for pre-series and small production of parts.



Schrader, specialist in fluid management, develops and produces high-tech valves (mechanical and mechatronic) for the main aeronautic and automotive manufacturers and equipment manufacturers for filling, pressure and/or flow regulation, and safety (Pressure relief valve, Thermal Relief Valve) of different pressurised circuits and tanks. Schrader products allow the control of all types of fluids (air, nitrogen, hydrogen, refrigerants, water, fuels, oils).

 >   Innovation :   Thermal protection of pressurised tanks - Quick and secure connector - Components for H2 management - Integrated pressure indication - Non-spilling connector



SCHURTER is specialized in the field of electronic protection components and human-machine interfaces. Partner of the contractors and manufacturers in the field of AEROSPACE, SCHURTER is recognized as a first-rate partner. "Too important to fail" is the guiding principle for manufacturing components for aviation and space. SCHURTER is proud to meet the standards as expressed in the "ESA Internal Requirements Definitions" or in military standards or certain aviation standards. As an experienced partner of the European Space Agency (ESA), we focus on the safety of power systems and develop customer-specific product designs for overcurrent protection in extreme conditions. The competence of SCHURTER in EMC environments makes it possible to help finding solutions for electromagnetic constraints in harsh environments. The evolution of the SCHURTER group towards human-machine interfaces (HMI, MMI) to meet the demand of connected objects, measuring devices, infotainment but also of metrology and industrial, medical and aeronautical applications is recognized by its very high level of technology. SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer in terms of resistive, capacitive touchscreen, combining your design, technical and environmental constraints.



Formulator and producer of epoxy and polyuretane resins. Sika Advanced Resins offers edging and densification product range for sandwich pannels as well as insulation resins for embeded appliances and strucural adhesives for heterogeneous assembly. The company has 6 production sites in the world.



SoyHuCe offers consultancy and support in digital transformation for companies needs. SoyHuCe’s activities is composed of three main specialities : Consultancy services & support in digital transformation : analyzing a company’s data based on its needs and strategy, applying algorithms which will explicitly show the issues inherent to its transformation. Integrating self-learning and predictive intelligence. Designing custom software - Outsourced R&D consultancy services in algorithms and data science - Big data architectures solutions and software publishing (OctoData : DataLake monitoring and optimization / AlgoRH : Smart schedule management / iStoryPath : Generation of cultural, historic or economic paths for cities and local authorities).


 >   Innovation :   Positioning itself on the Big Data market as a data developer, SoyHuCe has designed OctoData. Based on the most innovative technologies, OctoData is a platform that brings together on the same infrastructure, the orchestration of Big Data tasks and micro services, allowing an agile development of applications. With OctoData, it is possible to cover as many use cases as possible, to store a growing quantity and variety of data, to capture information flows and to use them quickly to obtain the desired information at the right time.



Design and manufacture electrical connectors and connection systems. Stäubli has been working in partnership with the aerospace and military industries on major international projects for over 40 years. It is recognized for its expertise and ability to supply connection solutions which perfectly meet the specific requirements of these two sectors. We are specialized in delivering the exceptional safety, light weight, compactness and cleanliness these industries demand for a range of applications such as air conditioning, breathing air, compressed air, fuel, hydraulics and thermal management.




Stratasys is a global leader in additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology and is the manufacturer of FDM® and PolyJet™ 3D Printers. The company’s technologies are used to create prototypes, manufacturing tools, and production parts for industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer products and education. For 30 years, Stratasys products have helped manufacturers reduce product-development time, cost, and time-to-market, as well as reduce or eliminate tooling costs and improve product quality. The Stratasys 3D printing ecosystem of solutions and expertise includes: 3D printers, materials, software, expert services, and on-demand parts production. 

 >   Innovation :   weight reduction, complex geometries, 3D printing of tooling for composite parts, 3D print flight-ready parts like housings and ductwork in-house with certified, traceable material.



SOLEIL is a research platform and a research services center for the study of advanced materials and devices (structure, chemistry, morphology) using synchrotron photonic techniques (IR, UV and X-ray spectroscopy & micro-nano-imagery, X-ray micro-nano-tomography, X-ray diffusion & diffraction) more efficient than conventional laboratory techniques. Our non-destructive, multi-scale approach (from atom to cm) and our ability to carry out confidential experiments in situ and operando on genuine samples and eventually under stress (pressure, temperature, traction…) are appreciated by all type of companies (large groups, mid-cap companies, SMEs, start-up...).

 >   Innovation Our material studies are carried out on synchrotron beamlines whose performances (spatial, temporal and energy resolutions, brightness, coherence, continuous and tunable spectrum from ThZ to hard RX...) are much performant than those from photonic equipment in traditionnal laboratories. Equipment : 29 synchrotron beamlines dedicated to material studies - access to chemical, structural and morphological information in 1, 2 or 3D - 5 support laboratories for chemistry, biology, surface, micro-fluidics and optical metrology - experts in advanced and scientific instrumentation. 



French software publishing company specialized in the acquisition and restoration of industrial data using a supervision solution. Founded in 1985, the company has developed expertise in the field of aerospace industrial engineering, most specifically within manufacturing facilities.  Interfacing with factory tools and machinery is Technilog’s value proposition.  The publisher’s strong points include performing diagnostics, acquiring data, downloading programs, interfacing with business applications, defining KPIs, generating alarms and integrating IoT

 >   Innovation :   Dev I/O : A multi-protocol, multi-application and multi-channel data acquisition front-end unifying the exchange of data between business applications (supervision software, MES, ERP) and production lines, cells, machines, numerical control and IoT.  The use of IoT at the core of a production facility enables the intercommunication of devices that were previously independent.  For example, Dev I/O enables the integration of internet-enabled drills, torque wrenches, and light towers in a quality process while conforming to regulatory and contractual constraints.



Testia, an Airbus Company was created in 1991 and specialises in Aerostructure Inspections and Non Destructive Testing. Thanks to a strong international network, Testia can offer its products and services as well as global solutions to meet the customers' needs. Indeed Testia offers certified training programmes to all NDT methods, inspections and expertise services for manufacturing and in-service as well as consulting and engineering support for audits, feasibility studies as well as personalised turnkey solutions. In addition Testia also has a full range of innovative products and equipment dedicated to Aerostructure Inspections.



Additive manufacturing, one job & small series, models & prototypes. VOLUM-e owns a state-of-the-art machine park, approved and very complete, which makes it possible to propose a quality support to the leading companies in the realization of their designs. In particular, the entire FAM machine fleet (excluding R&D machines) is qualified by different groups in aeronautics and space. In addition, VOLUM-e is EN / AS 9100 certified company, demonstrating the functioning of processes in a continuous improvement approach specific to the aerospace sector, in order to offer our customers an increasingly favorable offer in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.



WATT&WELL’s mission is to be the premier power electronics design and manufacturing source for all those seeking innovation in O&G, automotive, aerospace & industrial applications. Watt & Well was selected to design & built moto-pump controllers for  Ariane 6 and enable lower cost and shorter time to market. The company is involved in many current aerospace projects portfolio including fail operational controller, motor controller and power supplies.



Zebra empowers the front line of business in all industries to achieve a performance edge. We deliver industry-tailored, end-to-end solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data to help our customers make business-critical decisions. Zebra solutions include a wide range of technologies such as real-time location systems, RFID, data capture, mobile device, printers, smart sensors, software applications and cloud based platforms including analytics… Our solutions offer a full visibility on aviation-specific activities such as nacelle management in assembly lines, baggage reconciliation, ULD load optimization, automated inventory and verification of on-board safety equipment before takeoff and much more...

 >   Innovation :   Zebra has developed a new platform called SAVANNA that collects and analyzes data from different sources, uses it and makes it useful through dashboards and reports to facilitate decision-making, solve problems in real time and increase the productivity and performance of operational teams. This platform integrates a set of solutions available on the market such as OVS, AVS, SmartPack, SmartLens, Motion Works... already used by many companies in the aviation and aeronautics industry.