13 & 14 February 2019

Centre de Congrès Paris Saclay (Massy)

The list of exhibitors in 2019 will be soon available.





Activity : AirCar is a consortium of 9 major players who supports the aeronautical industrial sector: ONERA and the Carnot Institutes CETIM, I@L, IFPEN TE, ESP, CEA LETI, ARTS, MINES, MICA. AirCar is a unique point of contact to access to the excellence of French research: the skills and means of 9000 researchers at the service of innovation. Our main themes: Materials (metal and composite), high-performance processes and assemblies, Systems and components for the more electric or even all electric aircraft, Innovations in specific subsystems and components (connected aircraft, avionics, sensors); New applications and new uses: drones, dirigibles.






Activity : Amiral Technologies is specialised in the quick design and delivery of smart solutions of predictive maintenance: (prediction of defects, Aging, Remaining Useful Life). Our unique innovation, originated from the French National Research Centre, allows extraction of highly discriminant indicators from any time-based and transitional signal to generate performant Artificial Intelligence-based prediction models. We use Supervised and Unsupervised learning to quickly adapt our generic models to the specificities of your equipment.

Innovation : Automatic Feature Generation for time series, Generic models for prediction of Defects, Aging, Remaining Useful Life, Performant Unsupervised Learning process.





Activity : TEEXMA® is a software dedicated to the world of technical and scientific expertise. It makes it possible to capitalize and develop knowledge with high added value.
Unique and central business repository, secure knowledge, scalable structure and great flexibility: TEEXMA® has many features and applications.


Unites States



Activity : As EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), Benchmark provides complete high-tech solutions throughout the product lifecycle: innovative product manufacturing & design, complete electronics manufacturing, embedded system development, and more. Benchmark has a global supply chain and optimized logistics solutions.

Innovation : IoT Solution platform (tracking and sensing), Surveillance platform, Mixed SMT and Microelectronics (Micro-e), Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) components and circuit miniaturization, Ruggedized Computing, Displays, and Networking.





Activity : CEA Tech is CEA's "technological research" Busines unit. CEA Tech has a broad porfolio of technologies  in the areas of ICT's, communication, energy and health. Our mission is to produce and disseminate technologies for the benefit of the industry.

CEA Tech also provides access to generic technologies to all industries,  all types and sizes of businesses:  from major multinational corporations to SMBs and start-ups.





Activity : With 30 years of experience in the plastics and molds industry, COMPOSITES ARAGON has five business lines, designed to meet the specific requirements of each market: Composites (design, produce and assemble composite component assemblies) - Machining (mechanization in 5 continuous axes and up to 8 meters bench, their processes are certified by ISO EN 9100/9001) - Molds (design and manufacture of molds and tools for the transformation of plastics and composites, dominant multitude of technologies such as gas, Bi-2K or SMC materials) - Prototypes (first concept piece, aesthetic pattern, functional assembly or short series of plastic, composite or foil.) Prototype Aluminum and Zamak molds for injection and stamping) - Engineering (industrial design, engineering and product development, turnkey projects, injection simulation, artificial vision).





Activity : Dejond Fastening Systems is an EN9100 certified industrial supplier of high-value fastening systems. They have been developing, producing and supplying technically advanced high-quality fasteners for the aerospace and defence industries, including the Tubtara® blind rivet nut range manufactured in their EN9100 certified production facility in Wilrijk near Antwerp.  In close contact with their customer-partners and the Dejond R&D team, their application engineers have been offering different innovating fastener solutions for safety-critical body and wing assemblies.





Activity : Dewetron develops, produces and distributes test and measurement solutions as well as digital and analog data acquisition systems. Their portfolio is completed by systems offering vibration, structural and electrical measurements and distributed measurement An intuitive operating software enables simple configuration for complex or easy measurements and reduces the user’s time for training and picking up of the systems. Our products are easy to integrate into your existing test benches via standard protocols and drivers. Furthermore, Dewetron develops high precision dynamic amplifiers for measuring current, voltage, bridges, strain gauges, torque, pressure, acceleration...





Activity : ECM is specialized in the development of primary structure batches, mechanical or electrical systems, cab interior fittings, for equipment manufacturers. Highly involved in engines, nacelles and thrust reversers, ECM has expanded its R & D offer for structural high-performance and thermo-structural composites, aerodynamic analyzes and the production of high-speed mechanical demonstrators for propulsion. Its field of intervention covers civil or military aviation: wide-body aircraft, single-aisle business aircraft, fighter jets, drones and helicopters.




Activity :  French Air Force academy research center (CREA) is a multidisciplinary research team focusing on the factors influencing the evolution of aerospace military systems. Its goal is to encompass in a global approach the different dimensions of such systems: technological as well as human, both individual and collective.

The center of excellence for RPAS (CED) is an ad hoc structure colocated with the CREA. Rooted both in the operational world  (French Air Force) and in the academic world (through its connection with CREA), and having tight links with economic actors (through SAFE pole), it has a double mission: formation and innovation.






Activity : Specialized in manufacturing of additives, model making, prototypes, pre-series and mass production, Erpro Group is providing you with a complete range of services since 1997 for the production and finishing of your projects. They master different 3D printing technologies such as ABS wire deposition, 3D color printing, stereolithography, polymer powder sintering, metal smelting, machining, silicone molding, painting and injection plastic.





Activity : ESI Group is the leading Innovator in Virtual Prototyping Software and Services. Specialist in material physics established in more than 40 countries, ESI has developed a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtually replicating the fabrication, assembly and testing of products in different environments.





Activity : Ezako is a company composed of experts in Big Data and Machine Learning. It was created to answer the requirements of data processing issues in companies. Its activity is divided into two parts: Real Time Analytics software edition - Big Data type, & Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions (prediction of anomalies, predictive maintenance ...).
Main customers: Orange Group, Parkeon and Bouygues Telecom.





Activity : FARO develops and markets computer-aided 3D measurement and imaging devices and software. FARO´s technology allows high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and complex structures within production and quality assurance processes. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, rapid prototyping, 3D documentation of large volume spaces or structures, surveying and construction, as well as for investigation and reconstruction of accident or crime scenes.

Innovation : The new FARO Laser Projector Tracer M eliminates physical templates for assembly and positioning of parts and offers the best accuracy on the market. In parallel, our portable three-dimensional measurement products and augmented reality solutions provide simple, fast and accurate quality control for a variety of applications.

The new FARO Visual Inspect AR solution integrates augmented reality functionality into a mobile inspection solution on IPad, for the optimization of production processes. This collaborative tool, user-friendly and easy to use, allows to visualize, enrich and exploit in real time the information from the CAD-part comparison.




Activity : FEV is a worldwide supplier for powertrain development and test equipment. FEV designs engines and components for helicopters, UAV, APU and offers light aviation applications. Among the skills offered: simulation (from subcomponent until complete engine), engine testing (from architecture validation to engine calibration), engine component testing, electrification (batteries, reducer, electric motor), safety (with Etamax).

Innovation : Simulation and co-simulation platform (MIL, SIL, HIL, xiL).




Activity : Human Design Group (a spin-off off Bertin Ergonomie) (90 consultants) is a leader in ergonomics and human factors consulting for engineering and technologies of complex systems, specifically in aeronautics and defense domains. With more than 40 years of experience, Human Design Group uses all of its resources and experience to give you a personalized, lasting, and user-centered solution which will add value and innovation to your enterprise in the information systems , products, workspaces and socio-organizational human factors and ergonomics.





Activity : Specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of fibered systems and solutions (fiber optics cable and patchords, passive and active optical components, fiber lasers, front-end source, fiber optic sensor, optoelectronics and software control), IDIL owns a recognized experience, know-how and expertise in the fields of fiber optics, lasers and opto-electronics systems. Thanks to the flexibility of its team and the quality of its engineering, IDIL proposes customized products, turnkey solutions, and specific studies covering prototypes creation but also little and medium mass production.

Innovation : PDV system, Compacts lasers sources, Fiber sensors for strength and temperature measurement.





Activity : Specialist in Functional Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, the Carnot MICA Institute offers companies a complete range of services ranging from basic research to industrial application. With 550 employees in 17 structures, MICA supports manufacturers in the design and development of their products and services of tomorrow. MICA has developed strong skills in surface engineering and interfaces, material engineering and material characterization. With its experience, the Carnot Institute Mica offers its customers advanced equipment in a unique configuration. The Carnot MICA Institut develops specific solutions for the aeronautics and space sectors, in the fields of additive manufacturing, surface functionalisation, composite and metrology.





Activity : The Institute develops innovative solutions in strategic areas and contributes to the competitiveness of companies, from small businesses to large companies and SMEs. It helps industrial companies to develop their R&D projects in chemistry, materials and processes. The research carried out at the CBC Carnot Institute in the area of materials for transport opens new perspectives. The results contribute to gains in energy efficiency through the development of mew materials and innovative fabrication processes, which reduce the weight, volume and complexity of terrestrial vehicles and aircraft.





Activity : IPC is the Industrial Technical Center whose expertise is dedicated to plastic and composite innovation. IPC is specialized in R&D activities (collaborative project, collective action or private contract), business services and technology transfer activities. It offers services with high added value: material/product/process engineering for decision makers in the Aerospace industry (micro/nano surface structuring, plastronics, complete medical device development...). IPC is also a leader in the development of smart plastic products.





Activity : Specialized in production of micromechanical parts of high precision by machining, LA PRECISION produces components for on-board hydraulic systems (servo-valves, solenoid valves ...), electrical systems, gyroscopic systems and guiding by turning, CNC turning and high speed milling. The company supports its customers throughout the production process and delivers ready-to-use parts with a high level of quality assurance. LA PRECISION has the internal control of most of the finishing methods used to make parts: grinding, electrochemistry, electro-deburring, tribo-finishing, electro-erosion, laser marking and specific packaging.




Activity : We share world class expertise and tools in magnetic measurement (magnetometry) to suppport R&D and innovation in Europe. We offer consultancy, measurement services, training, research and Development, Metrology development. Magnetometry is a powerful, versatile and non-destructive way to characterize a wide range of raw and functionalised materials, as well as industrial processes. The later may or may not be directly related to the field of magnetism since elements have specific magnetic signatures which can be traced or used to characterize its environment.




Activity : Matra Électronique is specialized in production of electrical and electronic equipment for missiles and missile systems. From design to maintenance in operational condition, our teams are familiar with these specific requirements and associated techniques and technologies. We have access to all industrial resources required to carry out these operations. Our strict processes, which were initially developed to meet defence needs, were easily adapted to meet the requirements of aeronautical embedded electronic equipment. We have adapted our processes to aeronautical requirements. As a result, Directives DO178, DO254 and DO 160 have become our internal references.





Activity : Since almost 30 years, MDP - maxon motor France develops and produces complete mechatronics systems according to aeronautics requirements. From the fly-by-wire flight control to the air-conditioning systems, MDP - Maxon motor France partners its customers throughout their project with high level of quality assurance thanks to its certifications (ISO 9001 / EN9100) in its developments for aeronautics, spatial, and defense industries.





Activity : MECELEC COMPOSITES is specialized in transformation of composite and plastic materials. Thanks to its various skills, MECELEC COMPOSITES is the trustful partner in development of your projects and manufactures for their customers from very small series (unit) to very large series with the appropriate technology. MECELEC COMPOSITES is now active in the Aeronautics industry: interiors, parts for steering, shape pieces for covering... Technologies available at MECELEC:  Injection (Thermoplastics) - Contact molding (Thermoset) - Infusion and RTM (Thermoset resin injection) - SMC molding (Thermoset compression) - Finishing (machining, gluing, inserting, US welding, assembly, …) - Means of design and control.





Activity : MEN offers a wide product range of embedded, robust, reliable and modular boards and systems for harsh, Mobile and Mission-Critical Environments. Reliable Embedded Computing for a World in Motion! Advantages: Development in France and Germany & high quality production in Germany, full traceability, long term delivery with obsolescence Management

Innovation : ARINC 600 compliant IFE server used for media streaming within commercial aircrafts.





Activity : NEXEYA has been an industrial partner in the aeronautics industry for over 30 years, providing products and solutions to manufacturers of civil and military aircraft, as well as to their equipment manufacturers. The company also supports them in their two major challenges: to increase aircraft reliability, and improve their performance.

A renowned major player in the space industry, NEXEYA designs, supplies, integrates, and enables state-of-the-art space systems and products that meet the needs of its corporate and scientific customers in defence and safety, for the major European and international programmes. NEXEYA is one of the top three European suppliers of sandwich panels,MLls, satellite harnesses (instrument, payload, Platform) and launcher harnesses (Ariane), battery packaging, and SCOE and OECO test benches.

Innovation : Advanced and innovative solutions based on Hybrid Battery / Hydrogen technology for the one hand, its efficiency in energy storage and, on the other hand, its great flexibility. when returning to areas poorly served by the power grid, these stationary energy storage systems offer large storage capacities (up to several MWh) and restitution to cover medium to high needs ; a range of small highly reliable platforms (from 6U to 27U), from 10kg to 40kg, accessible to non-experienced professional; Innovative NEXEYA Screen Compatibility Process with Night Vision Binoculars (JVL).





Activity : Norimat is an expert in conception and manufacture of high performance technical material by Spark Plasma Sintering. 
This sintering technology is extremely fast and enable the production of all kinds of innovative materials such as hard metals, refractories or composite materials (reinforcement carbon nanotube or graphene, etc.). The material obtained show enhanced mechanical properties (hardness, fracture toughness, tribology, …) thanks to a very high control of the microstructure during the process. 





Activity : OROS designs and manufactures noise and vibration testing systems (instruments, software, and services), satisfying needs of reliability and safety of aerospace industries (manufacturers, suppliers and test centers). For more than 30 years on the market, OROS instruments are reknowned as being powerful measurement tools for test centers, laboratories or in-flight. From 2 to 32 channels, they are cascadable, enabling flexible configurations (large channel count systems or distributed). OROS covers in-flight tests, structural tests, noise measurements (cabin noise, sound power …) engines and sub-systems. OROS also proposes a range of associated services in noise and vibration measurements:  their experts come on-site for applied trainings and provide assistance in your measurements.





Activity : PACKAERO develops and produces in series electromagnetic actuators with moving coil or moving magnet or electromagnet, intelligent sensors, mechatronics and detection systems. Thanks to its standard mechatronic products and its strong capacity in engineering, design office & R & D laboratory, PACKAERO quickly proposes a solution adapted to the needs of the customer. Their know-how makes it possible to meet the various specifications of the aerospace, defense and space industries. Typical applications: Precision pressure and flow control, Linear pumps, compressors, Active control vibration, Optical focusing, Unlock-lock system, Force feed-back control, vibrator-shaker.

Innovation : Direct drive electric drive with high density energy conversion, very dynamic & compact, high reliability for harsh environments (high temperature, high level shock & vibration). New! Disruptive innovation with our Voice Coil actuators on the principle of the Loud Speaker.





Activity : Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge infrastructure solutions that support, sustain and empower business growth in a connected world. Panduit was born from innovation and has introduced thousands of problem-solving products. Customers look to Panduit as a trusted advisor who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their Enterprise, Data Center, and Industrial (Automation & Electrical) environments. The company is known for proven quality performance and designs, develops, and deploys products enabling partners to deliver the most efficient solutions and superior value to their customers. A robust partner ecosystem, global staff, and unmatched service and support make Panduit a valuable and trusted partner.

Innovation : A complete range of specific solutions and Tools has been developed specifically for aicraft manufacturers and subcontractors to help them address on a daily basis every level of conception, installation and maintenance of the aeronautics infrastructures, The Tefzel and nylon made Panduit cable ties have been specifically tested and validated by famous European Aircraft manufacturers.





Activity : Specialized in development and manufacturing of machines for precision electrochemical machining of metals, PEMTEC offers its customers a proximity service, including assistance in the manufacturing of tooling and in the realization of applications on machines manufactured by the company. PEMTec machines manufacture components for the aerospace industry, where excellent surface quality and maximum stability are essential. Complex geometries without microcracking are introduced into high-temperature resistant superalloys. Our PECM machines shape workpieces of impressive precision and durability from the most demanding metal alloys. A necessity for propulsion units, which is why perfect accuracy is the premise.





Activity : PMB is specialized in design and manufacturing of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies (RF and beamline components, components for X-ray tubes, ceramic-metal assemblies…), as well as particles accelerators and high-technology systems (electron and X-ray linacs, cyclotrons, medical systems). PMB provides complex components capable of sustaining severe environments: sealed feedthroughs and other ceramic/metal customized products. Their products are certified ISO 9001 since 2015.

Innovation : High energy, computed-tomography system, with downsized focal spot (0.7 mm), Assembly by cofiring (sintering), Active ceramic-metal brazing, Beryllium brazing.

S2P - Smart Plastic Products




Activity : S2P miniaturizes your electronic systems by integrating functions directly on 3D complex plastic parts. From requirements definition to industrialization, S2P covers the full value chain in order to manufacture : antennas, sensors, interconnections, shielding areas, etc. Our multidisciplinary team (experts in plasturgy, electronics and chemistry) is able to help on your projects that need electronic integration without changing the use, the design, reliability, etc. Experienced with tens of products developpements in various fields, we can improve the way your products are designed by using plastronic technologies.

Innovation : Development of several products for aerospace applications on functions such as : Antennas and 3D antenna arrays, wiring replacement on integrated interconnection parts, 3D capacitive sensors...





Activity : Electronic component manufacturer - SCHURTER is proud to meet standards such as defined in the ESA Internal Requirement Definitions or in Military Standards (e.g. MIL, NF, NNO, GAM T1) and Aviation Standards. As an experienced partner of the European Space Agency (ESA) they focus on the safety for power systems and develop customer specific fuse designs for over-current protection under extreme conditions.

Innovation : Fuses for Aero and spatial application





Activity : Supplier in 3D measurement, Sematec Metrology today represents 90 employees, 6 laboratories and more than 450 customers. With recent equipment and state-of-the-art technologies, Sematec offers its services in dimensional and 3D measurement, tomography, 3D modeling - 3D scanning, calibration, assembly and control template and in management of IBS (Initial Samples) and ISPs. (First Article Inspection). Among Sematec's services: Measurements and parts controls (small, medium, large) - 3D scanning - Serial measurement shedding - OFF LINE programming - Material health inspections, porosities, inclusions, cracks, CAD / scan comparisons, color maps and non-destructive testing for delivery in Tomography. Additional services in measurement engineering: design and construction study, control installation, control assembly, conveyor and palletizing.





Activité : SLM Solutions Group is a leading provider of metalbased additive manufacturing technology. SLM Solutions focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of selective laser melting. SLM® technology offers diverse options in the metal-based generative manufacturing of build parts, such as a new design and geometric freedom, lightweight construction through the reduction of build part weight, significant advantages in terms of production speed and the manufacturing of internal undercut build parts in low quantities. Our products are utilized globally by customers from the most varied sectors, particularly in the aerospace, automotive, tooling, energy and healthcare industries, as well as in research and education.





Activity : Stratasys is one of the world's leading suppliers of additive technology solutions for different industries (aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer products and education).Thanks to its deeply customer-focused strategy, it develops, for 30 years, innovations resulting in about 1,200 pending and pending additive technology patents, creating new value-added at various processes (the product lifecycle, from prototype design to manufacturing tools to final production parts). Stratasys develops the potential of additive manufacturing in the real world by offering specific applications that accelerate business processes, optimize value chains and improve the performance of thousands of future leaders around the world.





Activity : SUINSA is specialized in the mechanisation of metals and other materials. SUINSA is a pioneer company in the use of numeric control as technology for mechanized mass production. The company has evolved from industrial machining to comprehensive management of engineering projects. SUINSA has nowadays three service typologies to give the support needed for each project:  Mechanisation of products - Assembly of subsets and machinery- Engineering of mechanisation. SUINSA operates mainly in Spain, but also at international level.In recent years, SUINSA has entered new markets, focusing on cutting-edge technology sectors. This is the case of aeronautical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and optical industries, keeping a significant presence in the automotive sector. Medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry is the second key sector for the company. SUINSA offers all the assets this sector requires: constant innovation, R&D investment and quality.





Activity : Technomark designs, manufactures and markets permanent marking equipment, via a network of more than 100 employees around the world. We develop our know-how around 3 trades: permanent marking, using laser technologies, electromagnetic micro-percussion and pneumatic scoring, proofreading to read Datamatrix codes and standardized markings and tailor-made for the realization of marking and traceability solutions combining different know-how (marking, proofreading, database management).




Activity : We develop, industrialize and manufacture miniaturized and high-precision complex products for our worldwide medical device partners. Our activities also cover advanced industrial assemblies (Aeronautics & automotive), another field where our expertise and sense for innovation are appreciated the world over. In the medical field, the reliability of devices and their ability to operate in high-stress environments require know-how and advanced technology in development and manufacturing. Headquartered in Switzerland, our company spreads over three continents with design, development, industrialization and manufacturing sites in Switzerland, the United States and Morocco and employs more than 350 employees worldwide.

Innovation : Specialized in electronic miniaturization (COB, Flip Chip,3D die-stacking). Examples of areonautics applications: Airplane tire pressure sensors, embedded measurement modules for aircraft systems, embedded modules for improved energy consumption, drone sensor assembly.

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